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Buying Timeshare

Timeshares are a form of joint property ownership that enable individuals to own a set amount time (usually a week) in luxury resort accommodations each year. You can become a timeshare owner for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a vacation home. A time share resale is simply one which is being sold by the current owner rather than by the resort ; usually at a price lower than the time share's original retail value.

Timeshare sales and marketing costs can easily be 50 percent or more of the developer's sales price. You may be surprised that sales and marketing costs could be so high, but a good timeshare project can easily support these costs. So, over 50% of the cost associated with buying timeshares directly from a resort development company are related to the sales and marketing of the timeshare property. When buying timeshare direct from the resort owner, it is a sad fact that you are being charged an over-inflated price to cover the marketing expenses and assorted administrative fees associated with the timeshare sale. If you buy a resale timeshare in secondary mrket, your only expense is that of the honest and fair market value of the timeshare property! Timeshare resale buyers, not only do you enjoy the use of the timeshare unit, but you will also reap an average savings of over 30-50% of the developer's original asking price! Click here to find your deal in our extensive inventory to begin enjoying luxurious holidays at an affordable price!.

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